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Whoa!!  You wouldn't believe the changes around here . . . New ceiling, electrical in place, plumbing in place, the walls are up and drywalled . . .the list goes on and on.  The store is really starting to take shape and we're on the home stretch!  Thanks once again to all the many hard-working volunteers.  You make a difference!


Concrete galore!  The new floors in Phase 3 are poured!  What a big job! 


After being closed for a few weeks, today we re-opened.  How exciting!   Customers and volunteers alike were in awe of the new and improved Bargains Galore.  Our store is now operating in half of our new store.  Phase 3, the other half of our store, is progressing at a fast pace.  We can't wait for the entire store to be complete! 


Construction in Phase 3 has officially begun.  It's been a busy week of moving, rearranging, lifting, carting stuff . . . and especially, Demolition!!  Our store as we once knew it, has surely changed.  Demoltion crews have been busy taking down walls, clearing out insulation, loading trailers - all kinds of fun stuff!  Much progress is just one week! 


Final preparations are taking place in the Phase 2 portion of the store.  It's been a busy couple months transforming the woodshed into a now, beautiful retail space!  It's unbelievable!  Thanks to the many, many volunteers who have helped make this happen.  Thanks to Pete, our faithful crew of guys, food donators, cleaners, planners, the list goes on and on! 

To accomodate the move into Phase 2, the store will be closed from December 11 through the beginning of January.  Click on the file to the right, Phase 2 Completion, for futher details.


The third and final conrete pour for Phase 2 was completed today!  Framing up the exterior walls is now set to begin.  Also, much of the insulation for the ceiling has been installed.   Great progress!


What  a memorable day!!  Today we welcomed back hundreds of excited customers, donators and volunteers after being closed for 2 weeks.    We were thrilled to start utilizing our beautiful, new Donation Center.  Donation Center Hours are:  Thursday  10am - 8pm, Fridays & Saturdays  10am - 2pm.  

 Phase 1 of Project RENOVATE is now officially completed!  We have much to be thankful for!


Volunteers are certainly keeping busy during these few weeks - clothing departments in the store have been switched over to Fall, all merchandise and fixtures have been transferred out of the old woodshed, painting, cleaning & final details completed in the new Donation Center . . .  Whew!!  We made it!  


Today officially marked the beginning of Phase 2 - as a large crew of 20+ hard-working guys showed up to help with the woodshed demolition - no small task!  Thanks to such a great crew, much progress was made in just one day.


We are excited to announce that we are nearing completion of Phase 1!  The new Donation Center is amazing!  The new addition is now ready for paint, HVAC is installed, the canopy is in place and the lift to the mezzanine has been assembled.  The crew is working hard on the many final details.  

To accomodate the move into the new Donation Center, the store will be closed from August 4 - August 20.  We will reopen on Thursday, August 21.   Click on the file to the right, Phase 1 Completion, for further details.


The framing for the new addition has been completed.  Be sure to check out the latest photos in the Photo Gallery.


Today marked an exciting step in our renovation as concrete was poured for the new addition!  We were blessed once again as R & D Construction offered to help with this important step.  The mezzanine floor and stairs are now complete as well.


Our hardworking crews have now completed insulating the warehouse.  What a big job!  Framing up the mezzanine, bays and stairways has now begun.


Things are happening!  Everyday the guys are hard at it and progress is being made.  How exciting!


 It's the Monday after the ground breaking celebration and the construction crew is hard at it already!  Check out the photos in the Photo Gallery.


Today we celebrated the start of Project RENOVATE with an exciting Groundbreaking Bash!  Nearly 250 people were in attendance for this historic event.  We were blessed with a beautiful day and excitement was certainly in the air!  Attendees received their Project RENOVATE T-shirts, enjoyed snacks and learned more about the project.  Participants also enjoyed a time of reflection, prayer and breaking ground. 

Go Team RENOVATE!!  

Be sure to check out the Photo Gallery showing fantastic photos of the days events! 

You can read more about the event by clicking on the link to the left, In the News. 


We've received the building permit and it is posted on site!


The City of Waupun has now approved the building plans!


Save the date!   Saturday, April 19th at 4:00 p.m.

Plan to attend the Project RENOVATE Groundbreaking Bash!  Watch for your invite in the mail.


The Building Committee recently met - here are the updates:

The final budget was explained, discussed and approved.  A budget of $471,213 was presented for the building project. A budget for F.F.E. of $64,610 was also presented. It was also noted that the building budget plan did not contain a contingency allowance.

The finance team presented that we will be borrowing $550,000 from the Markesan State Bank in Waupun.

The sequence of events includes Four Phases:

  1. Phase One - Build the addition on the warehouse and do the remodel of this area to completion.
  2. Phase Two -  Move all the woodshed activities into the new donation center and remodel the existing woodshed.
  3. Phase Three  - Remodel the current retail store.
  4. Phase Four - Celebrate God's Goodness!

The plans have been approved by the state but the city of Waupun has yet to give final approval. The city has some storm sewer issues with our plan.

A Groundbreaking Celebration is being planned to take place prior to the start of construction.  Watch for details!



Over the last three months, exciting progress has been made as we anticipate the start of the Bargains Galore Renovation and Expansion Project.  Here is what has happened to date:


A Project Committee was formed, including the following members:


Scott DeYoung                         Dan Scheuers

Steve DeYoung                        Steve Soodsma

Cal Greenfield                          Joe Van Baren

Brenda Hofman                        George Vroom

Jade Regnerus                         Melissa Wierenga 

An initial meeting was held to brainstorm and develop a plan for the building process. 

Teams were formed to handle specific functions (finance, design, volunteer labor). 

The School Board gave approval to hire W.D.S. Construction, Inc. as the design/build firm for the project. 

Pete Montsma agreed to be our on-site superintendent. 

Many meetings have taken place to finalize the building plans.  The plans are now finalized and have been submitted to the Dept. of Commerce and City of Waupun for review. 

The finance team has met with several banks and a loan has now been secured with the Markesan State Bank. 

W.D.S. is currently working on the budget in relation to the finalized plans. 

The sequence of construction events is being evaluated to determine the best possible approach. 

We will be moving towards the Volunteer Labor aspect of the project in the next couple months.  If you would like to volunteer in some way throughout this project, but haven’t yet completed the Time to Serve form, you can do so now by simply clicking on the link “Time to Serve”.  Completed forms can be dropped off at Bargains Galore.  Any questions about volunteer opportunities for the project can be directed to our Volunteer Coordinator, Joe Van Baren at 326-6190. 

If you have any questions throughout the project, feel free to contact our Chairman, Dan Scheuers at 324-5100.

Volunteer Coordinator:
Joe Van Baren

Project Chairman:
Dan Scheuers

Donations Closed