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In January 2001, the Central Wisconsin Christian School Board instructed that a committee be formed to investigate the concept of the CWC Society starting a thrift store in the Waupun community. The purpose would be to raise additional funds for CWC, assisting in stabilizing tuition costs.

Then in February 2001, this committee was developed and got right to work. After many meetings, much research, time, “closed doors”, glimmers of hope and prayers, a large old lumberyard was found for sale. Generous supporters / investors of the school took a leap of faith and made the big purchase in April 2001. The building was secured, the volunteers stepped forward, the donations poured in, the building was fixed up and doors were opening one at a time to pave the way for this new, non-profit organization, Bargains Galore Thrift Store. The mission of Bargains Galore was indeed developing.

Our Mission

To raise funds for Central Wisconsin Christian School by selling tax-deductible donations received from generous people throughout our community.

Through our work at Bargains Galore, we seek to make a positive difference in God's Kingdom.

Bargains Galore Thrift Store officially opened its’ doors on August 2, 2001. The school society was hoping that the store would bring in $40,000 the first year, but God had other plans and poured out His blessings upon the store. The first year, Bargains Galore had sales of $150,000 and each year has seen significant increases. As of 2023, Bargains Galore has amazingly contributed over $4,900,000 to Central Wisconsin Christian School.

Along with supporting the Christian Schools, Bargains Galore takes pride in supporting our community. We partner with the Waupun Area Food Pantry, helping area residents in need of clothing, furniture, etc.  Additionally, the store helps victims of fires or other catastrophes by providing families with free merchandise. 

Our army of volunteers is the “heart” of our operation. The store is staffed by 150 volunteers and staff members. It takes nearly 60 volunteers to operate the store each and every week. The pride our volunteers take in their work definitely shows on the sales floor!

We are so proud that our 20,000+ sq. ft. store has been recognized as one of the best thrift stores in the country and the state of Wisconsin! Folks travel from all over to be part of the Bargains Galore experience. We have indeed become a staple in Waupun’s business community and the “social scene” for many people.

As a result of our fast and steady growth, along with our huge popularity, Bargains Galore completed a year long, major renovation project in April of 2009. During Project RENOVATE, the entire store was gutted and remodeled into a beautiful new facility, crafted by nearly all volunteer labor!

Thousands of “treasures” are stocked and displayed each week at the store and quickly disappear because of the huge following of committed customers who shop at our store. Our shoppers are always on the hunt for that one-of-a-kind piece. Our motto definitely rings true: Bargains Galore Thrift Store. . .“Where bargains are here today, gone tomorrow!”

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